Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Warra Warra Korean Kitchen

I was having lunch with my two beautiful cousins today at a Korean restaurant Warra Warra.

The front of Warra Warra Restaurant.

Warra Warra is a small cosy restaurant hidden away in Melbourne city. You do have to look for it in order to find it. The restaurant itself is quite small with only a few tables indoor and a few outdoor as you can see. It is beautifully decorated with an intimate homy feel and the space is modern and clean. They have an open kitchen setting where you can see the chef cook as you sit in the restaurant.

There's not a lot of option on the menu. They serve 6 different main dishes and within each dish you can alter it slightly by choosing the meat, salad, noodle and soup.

The menu.
We ordered 3 different dishes altogether. These include Bulgogi Box, Bibimbab and Noodle Soup. Bulgogi Box comes with a bowl of rice, stir fried beef (we ordered beef) and a bowl of salad with two takoyakis. The stir fried beef was delicious. It has a sweet taste which I don't mind at all.

Bulgogi Box with mild beef Bulgogi and takoyaki salad.
The Bibimbab is also delicious. To me it's a little plain and I have to add quite a fair amount of sauce. The portion is quite decent, not as large as Oriental Spoon but plenty to satisfy your hungry tummy. There's one aspect of the Bibimbab that I find interest and different from all the Bibimbab I've tried. That would be the raw egg yolk in the centre of the dish. I was quite surprise by the egg simply because I've never had raw egg and never thought to trying one either. After mixing everything together the egg separated and was cooked by the sizzling bowl and I was satisfied.

Pork Bibimbab
The Noodle Soup was a little disappointing. We ordered rice noodle with beef in miso soup. The noodle itself was hard. It's hard to pin point whether the mistake was, within the cooking process or the way the noodle was made but it was disappointing overall. The soup and beef on the other hand were delicious. 

Rice Noodle with beef in miso soup.
Overall we had a wonderful time there. The people were nice, service was good, the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. The food were delicious, minus the noodle, and were reasonably priced. It is a nice place to eat if you're with friend and don't want to spend too much. RMIT students should definitely drop by and give Warra Warra a try since it's only a short walk from the Uni. Don't worry about split bill because their ordering system involve you ticking what you want on the ordering paper and go pay at the counter. We will return to Warra Warra in the future but next time we'll stick with the rice menu. 

Warra Warra Korean Kitchen
Shop 19 & 20, 235-251 Bourke Street Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
Visit thire website here and their Facebook here

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